Hawaii Weddings

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Chapel Weddings

St. Catalina Seaside Chapel

Located in the East coast of Oahu, the breath taking view from the chapel attracts lots of wedding couples

Church Weddings

Unity Church

The church with a great view of Diamond Head, one of the Oahu landmark, and with a beatiful stained glass inspired from the Hawaiian rainbow.

Calvary by the sea church

A dramatic view from the altar will grab the hearts of all visit here. Lots of Japanese celebrities had their weddings at this church.

St.Andrews Church Sanctuary

Known for its overwhelming stained glass and solemnity.

Central Union Church Sanctuary

The contrast of the pure white wall and the scarlet carpet is outstanding.

Kawaiahao Church

The oldest church in Hawaii with a long distinguished history.

Cruise Weddings

Navatek 1

A private cruise wedding is available with a 360-degree ocean view